Week #10 Story: Three Sisters

Three Sisters Bhishma was out for a stroll in the woods one quiet evening. He was collecting some nuts, as his stomach got a little rumbly and he wanted a midnight snack. Suddenly, he hears a rustle in the bushes. He prepares his dagger and sees a figure walk out.  Bhishma squinted his eyes and realized that it was the court messenger. He lowered his dagger and spoke, "What are you doing here at this hour? I didn't think that anybody could follow me." "No offense, sire, but you were literally dropping shells behind you. I think even a squirrel could have tracked you in your sleep," the messenger replied. "But that's not why I'm here," he continued, "I have some terrible news. Your father, Shantanu, has passed." This news did not come as a surprise to Bhishma. He father was not in good health. However, this was a tragedy for more than one reason. Not only did he have to contend with his father's passing, but Bhishma now had to worr

Microfictions, Week 11: Pale Horse and Death

Preface: If you haven't already, you should check out the previous installments in the series:  Part 1: White Horse and Pestilence    Part 2: Red Horse and War Part 3:  Black Horse and Famine CW:   graphic descriptions, death Pale Horse: The haunting silence was much welcome after hours of hungry screams. Eren dismounted her horse and felt the ground for the first time this wretched night. She shook out her legs and stretched, ridding her body of the tension. As she placed her feet back on the ground, she noticed that the soil beneath her felt very unusual. It almost felt... more fertile ?  Before she could so much as take a breath, a bony arm sprung out from the ground and grabbed her fleshy thigh. Eren could feel herself slipping, so she grabbed her dagger and sliced away at the arm. The bone was uncharacteristically tough, and her blade met its match with the stringy sinew around it. The arm continued to drag her down into the Earth. She strained to look upwards and saw that her

Microfictions, Week 10: Black Horse and Famine

Preface: If you haven't already, you should check out the previous installments in the series:  Part 1: White Horse and Pestilence    Part 2: Red Horse and War Black Horse: A sudden pang of hunger struck Eren deep in her stomach. Though this was unlike any hunger she had ever experienced. She glanced up at the night sky, and her heart became filled with dread. The blood-red sky was becoming engulfed by pitch-black darkness.  The people in the village seemed deeply affected by this. She rode on further into the village, accompanying by troubled howls. She ran into her own house, to discover that her cupboards were completely barren. "That's odd," she muttered, "I just  ran to the market yesterday". Then she went back outside and saw what caused the mysterious disappearance.  Famine himself descended upon the town. On his mighty black steed, he carried large sacks of food which he hoarded for himself. He let a deep and sonorous laugh echo throughout the night.

Microfictions, Week 9: Red Horse and War

Preface: If you haven't already, you should check out the previous installments in the series:  Part 1: White Horse and Pestilence    Red Horse: As Eren rode into town, an eerie red light enveloped the village. The blood-red sky cloaked the innocent villagers, but that wasn't the only effect she saw. People were irrationally angry with each other, screaming over things that seemed objectively minute. As Eren rode in closer, she noticed that the militia had been assembled. She asked the captain why the group was assembled.  "We're sick and tired of the village over stealing all of our food! We're going to march over and demand that they give it back!" he yelled in a rather uncouth manner. It seemed as though this night was far from over. War was here. War : Blood red light shone ever bright and true It was then that she knew just what to do Author's Note: I thought that it would be really cool to do a series on the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, so I deci

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Week #9 Story: Devavrata's Oath

  Week #9 Story: Devavrata's Oath It was a dark and eerie night out. There is a young Devavrata out in the forest, as distraught as ever. He is so preoccupied and so anxious that the hairs on the back of his neck are standing up. He has just pledged his solemn vow to never marry or have children.  He walks back into town with a heavy heart. There, he finds his father Shantanu and tells him of the terrible oath that he just swore.  "My son!" cried Shantanu. "How could you do this? This was not what I wanted from you at all!" Devavrata was taken aback at that comment, "but I did this for you, Father! You should be happy! I just gave up my life for you!" Anger melted his ice-cold tears into drops of fire.   Shantanu sensed his son's anger, and took a step back. "Look, I appreciate the concern, and I know that your mother, Ganga, and I have not been together for a long time. I know that that cannot be easy on you, my child. But I will be fine if I

Reading Notes: Epified - Mahabharata Part B

 Reading Notes: Epified - Mahabharata Part B Part B Kunti's secret revealed... she was not afraid of the sage Durwasa. He was delighted with her. He gave her a mantra to summon any god. She summons a god and then they have a son. She placed her son in a basket and set him on the river. Hence the Son of the Sun.  Pandu, Kunti, and Madri go out into the forest. Pandu hunts in the woods and accidentally shoots a hermit couple. The hermit curses Pandu and forbades him from becoming intimate. Kunti tells Pandu about her mantra.  Yama gave Kunti a son, Yudhishthir. Vayu was next, and she bore Bheem (Bhima). Indra was next, and granted her a child, Arjun. Madri gives birth to another two, the twins. Thus, the Pandavas are born.  Next, the Kuaravas, 100 sons are born, but they are evil. A blind father and sight-forsaken mother don't catch these problems though.  Duryodhan detests Bheem, as Bheem draws the new attention and admirers. Duryodhana invited the Pandavas out to a dinner and a